O.J.T.B. Only Just The Beginning


Nonprofit Organization

About Us

O.J.T.B. (Only Just The Beginning), Inc., founded in September 2004, is a 501(c)3 charitable, woman-run, community-based organization that offers specialized training in document preparation and business writing. Our mission is to provide on-job-training to our clients (at-risk youth ages 14 – 24, low-income and disadvantaged individuals with little or no job experience, and seniors), and help them expand their employment opportunities by receiving work and life skill training in response to the high rate of unemployment and lack of job experience, to get better paying jobs.

Today even more so than in recent years, it is difficult to get your first job. Even the fast-food jobs are being taken, in most cases as supplemental income by people already employed, laid-off, or retired, especially now due to the current economic state. “I’m sorry but we need someone with job experience”. But you need a job to get the experience!! OJTB will provide that first job experience to our clients by providing our customers with quality document preparation services. And this is “Only Just The Beginning”.