Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center



About Us

The Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center has been providing educational and recreational opportunities for the youth of Louisiana for over 100 years. Camping has been a fixture of the 4-H Youth Development Program since its earliest beginnings. In 1915, the very first 4-H Camp was organized in Virginia. Within three short years, more than 1,700 camps had emerged across the U.S., with total attendance surpassing 100,000 youth. Camping has been shown to improve decision-making skills, develop problem-solving, respect for others, confidence and self-esteem, and interpersonal communication skills.

Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center also offers a variety of spaces and facilities with beautiful surroundings for your wedding, corporate conferences, team building events, family reunions, company party or picnic, or just about any event or gathering you can imagine.